Faking it in New York- 6 Months In by Allyse Francis

Brooklyn Living

Hey! It’s been a while… Like a long while so let’s get this update out of the way!! Technically it’s almost 7 months living here, but 6 months is the halfway point. It’s been a helluva ride so far, and I’m just now getting started. My apartment living isn’t too shabby: I’m living in East Williamsburg/Bushwick (depending on who you ask) along with my two roommates who are almost never home. They both are from Long Island so they go home practically every weekend, which is nice because I enjoy my alone time. I’m casually perusing 1 bedroom apartments and holy shit it is E X P E N S I V E, but I really want to live alone. It’s probably a control thing. I want the mess in my home to be mine, the furniture and the way things are decorated to be mine, and mostly I want to only clean up my things. It’s my goal that at the end of the year/when my lease is up that I will be in a financially secure situation to move out on my own!

Work Life

I started a long term temp situation after the PA job I moved here for fell through. Long Story Short: They ran out of funding and could not longer pay me. Currently, I am the office manager at the Moda Operandi studio. I get to be surrounded by incredible luxury fashion brands every day, I’m learning more about e-commerce and trends, and the people there make coming to work so much more enjoyable. Expect more on this soon.
As for photography etc. it’s been pretty slow, but since I’ve shifted focus to learning and expanding my craft along with a slew of personal projects I don’t mind at all.

Personal Life

My personal life is… doing better. I’m used to being such a homebody that I kinda forgot that I live in one of the greatest cities in the world. I need to not be afraid to go out and do things and explore on my own. I’m blogging again/more often, and hanging out with friends. Luckily, my work friends are pretty amazing so I’ve found my little posse and enjoying life rn.

What to expect in the future:

  • More blogs

  • A Youtube

  • Travel photos

  • Product Reviews

  • Personal Style photos

I’m excited to show you fall in the city!! So stay tuned!!
What are you looking forward to the most about the weather change?