25 Things I've Learned Since Turning 25 by Allyse Francis

My birthday is less than 3 months away, so I thought now was as good a time as ever to reflect on my trials, tribulations, mistakes, and triumphs I've stumbled through in my 25 years on this planet. Also note that I have a Mango-Rita in hand to guide me to loose lips and typing errors. Here we go.

1- Most important: Your parents love you. A lot. They want only the best for you, even if only within the scope of their world. Do not devalue their love. Do not deny it, because it is there. It is an unending wellspring of support.

2- You are going to grow up a little bit racist against your own people. It's okay (not really) but you'll grow out of it, and feel a fuckton of guilt.

3- The sooner you get a handle of your time management woes. The better off you will be.

4- High school friends are overrated, but cherish the ones that you do keep

5- 2 attempts. 0 successes. That must mean something

6- Pot is lit.

7- Pot is also an addiction, but thankfully the withdrawals for you include massive bouts of crankiness.

8- Perspective is everything. Try to keep an open mind and look at problems from all viewpoints. 

9- It's okay to judge people. Just remember that you may do the same exact thing in their situation. Oh- and people judge you, too.

10- Internet friends are real friends. Some of the women in your life right now are going to be the closest confidantes you will have

11- Internet bullies are fucking real, too. People say that you can just shut your computer off, and they'll go away... but their words will haunt you for a long time.

12- Emotional abuse and physical intimidation is real. You'll wake up from nightmares for months. People will refuse to believe you. You will get threatened again and again. However, you are a resiliant person, and you'll have an amazing group of friends to get you through

13- Don't trash people. Chances are that person will show their ass in the end.

14- Focus on your own path. Stop looking at others' success and becoming bitter, that'll only delay your own triumphs

15- Flicking people off can lead to lit cigarettes being flung into your car. Yikes.

16- Finish what you start. The pride you feel when bringing a project to a close is immensely satisfying.

17- No one gives a fuck about your personal life. If you say you're going to get something done do it.

18- Don't be late. It's unprofessional

19- Invest in a good suit. 

20- Frying your hair off with bleach is the best mistake you'll ever make so far.

21- Focus on cultivating your character, and your morals. Outside beauty will fade eventually

22- Your sister is a gem. Cherish her.

23- No friend is perfect. They WILL say and do things that are not in line with your moral code. That doesn't mean that you should write them off. Work through these issues so that you may grow together.

24- True apologies are hard. But you will feel relief when you say the words

25- You are a Francis. That means you can do anything.